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ttn-pers-scheme 0.32 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: ttn-pers-scheme 0.32 available
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2003 17:56:55 +0200

NEWS excerpt below.  tarball and expanded dist/0.32/ under:

this is mostly a maintenance release.  doc harvesting
is in place but not yet to the point of an installable
info file.  but that day will come...


- VERSION 0.32 (released 2003-08-05)

  - "make check" improvements

        The test for (ttn gpgutils) does a "gpg --verify" and compares
        expected values against obtained results.  The time component
        of the test has been localized to work outside of the PST (UTC
        offset "+0800" or 28800 seconds) time zone.

  - New module: (ttn optargs-kw-utils)

        At the moment, this just exports `remove-keys', which is used
        to remove keyword/value pairs from an "argument rest" list,
        since those are not automatically removed by `define*' et al.

  - Changes to (ttn call-process)

        The `remove-keys' proc is no longer available in this module.
        See new module (ttn optargs-kw-utils) above, instead.

  - Changes to (ttn html-world)

    - proc `html-world' now takes keywords #:size and #:gen
    - proc `html-world.html-data' likewise

        The original image as generated by xearth(1) has a default size
        of 150x150 pixels (which after ASCIIfication fits comfortably in
        an 80-column screen).  You can now pass #:size N to `html-world'
        to specify an NxN-pixel originating image.

        Additionally, the default backend program has been changed from
        xearth(1) to xplanet(1), the former having been stigmatized as
        non-free software, at least by Debian.  As it turns out, by the
        time you read this, the LZW patent will have expired, so now
        it's ok to use xearth after all!  In any case, you can pass
        #:gen BACKEND, where BACKEND is a symbol `xplanet' or `xearth',
        to `html-world' to select the preferred image generator.

    - procs `refresh' and `textarea' now handle numerical args

        These now detect if the `sec' and `row'/`col' args,
        respectively, are numbers and do a `number->string' for you.
        Strings continue to be supported.

    - bugfix for proc `input'

        Elements are now properly interspersed with spaces.

[excerpt ends here]

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