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guile-pg 0.16 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: guile-pg 0.16 available
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 18:53:23 +0200

NEWS excerpt below.  tarballs in directory:

tarballs and extracted meta info in directory:

gearing up for the Great Error Handling Cleanup (see TODO file), so if
you are a guile-pg user and would like to voice your opinions on error
handling methodology wrt postgresql (including when to do the cleanup:
now or later), now's a good time to speak up.  (remove guile-sources
from the cc line, please.)


 - 0.16 | 2003-08-13
   - New (database postgres) proc: `pg-print'
   - New (database postgres) proc: `pg-make-print-options'
        These are documented in the manual.
   - "make check" now passes for PostgreSQL 7.3.3
        As of PostgreSQL 7.2, the output representation of arrays has
        changed to conditionally use double-quotes (only when "needed").
        Here is a short table using type `text[]':
                           needed               unneeded
         prior to 7.2       {",a","{}","c'c"}    {"d","e","f"}
         7.2 and later      {",a","{}","c'c"}    {d,e,f}
        Although the module (database postgres-types) has been able to
        handle these cases all along, one of the "make check" tests was
        previously failing because it checked the representation before
        the conversion to scheme objects.  This has now been corrected
        and verified to work against a stock-install PostgreSQL 7.3.3.
   - Script to share the good news publicized
        The README now mentions the test/show-platform script.


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