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guile available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: guile available
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 03:33:08 +0200

new NEWS excerpt below.  tarball in:

(sorry, this does not include the very recently posted patch to handle
"SCRIPT" as if it were "-s SCRIPT".  that will be in the next release,
hopefully in the near future.)

be sure to check out revamped chapter "Miscellaneous Tools", which
finally sports automatically extracted executable module commentaries
(using some of the guile-tools programs, of course!).

i see that mkstemp is recommended by the C compiler/linker.  what about
tmpfile(3), instead?  perhaps w/ a port interface and appropriate name,
like "temporary-file-port"?


* When using gcc, CFLAGS includes "-pipe"

* ice-9/boot-9.scm now loads without pulling in extra files

Previously, these files were being conditionally loaded based on the
presence of the related feature:

        arrays.scm              array
        posix.scm               posix
        networking.scm          socket

These have now been inlined if those features are determined to
be available at configure time.  If not, they are conditionally
loaded as before (in case they become available post-install).

* `(begin)' now works

Before, the expression `(begin)' would signal

  ERROR: In procedure begin:
  ERROR: missing or extra expression

Now, there is no more error.  The value is unspecified.

* A "user float format" facility is available

You can "./configure --enable-user-float-format" (by default disabled) to
allow runtime selection of the output routine for floating-point numbers.
With this enabled, the C variable `scm_user_idbl2str', with type:

        size_t (*scm_user_idbl2str)(double f,char *a)

can be set to point to a compatible C output routine of your choice.  See
libguile/numbers.c comment (near "#ifdef USER_FLOAT_FORMAT") for more info.

* Interpreter's "-e" switch extended

The "-e PROCEDURE-NAME" switch to the interpreter has been extended
to handle these cases:

        -e "PROCEDURE-NAME"                     ;; as before
        -e "MODULE-NAME PROCEDURE-NAME"         ;; new
        -e "MODULE-NAME"                        ;; new

See "Invoking Guile", "Scripting Examples", and "Executable Modules"
info nodes in the manual for details.

* Some Guile-specific elisp programs now installed

The file add-guile-dirs.el is installed in PREFIX/share/emacs/site-lisp;
loading it extends `load-path' to include the Guile-specific directories.
Typical usage would be:

  (require 'add-guile-dirs)     ; extend `load-path' by side effect
  (require 'lex-mon)            ; load lexical scan monitor
  M-x lex-mon                   ; use lexical scan monitor

There are two directories for Guile-specific elisp programs, one
version-specific and one general.  See the Emacs Lisp manual for
further explanation of this arrangement.

* Documentation integrated

The provisional documentation available w/ 1.4.1 has been replaced with much
better docs collected (i.e., in a state of continual update) from other Guile
efforts.  Additionally, documentation tools (and their documentation!) are now
installed as part of Guile; you can use the same programs as Guile uses to
extract docstrings from source (C or Scheme), index them, and generate .texi

* New thread support for ARM

[excerpt ends here]

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