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From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: cov
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2003 18:48:25 +0100

the cov script lives in doc/ref/ for guile-1.4.x.  doc/groupings.alist
makes use of the output of cov to test `docinfo' membership, like so:

 ;; excerpt from doc/groupings.alist
  (description "documented in the info manual")
  (grok () (let ((all #f))
             (lambda (x)
               (or all (set! all (let ((f "doc/ref/doc-coverage"))
                                   (if (file-exists? f)
                                       (let* ((p (open-input-file f))
                                              (ls (read p)))
                                         (close-port p)
                                       0))))    ;; known unavailable
               (and (pair? all)
                    (memq x all))))))

we use `docinfo' instead of the more succinct `doc' to allow for the
possibility of other doc* groups in the future.

for guile-1.6.x, i see that scripts/scan-api was deleted for some
reason (why?).  you can get the latest from 1.4.x in any case.


# cov --- list documented Scheme and C elements
# Usage: cov > doc-coverage

cat > cov.sed <<EOF
/^[*] /!d
/^[*] Menu:$/d
s/^[*] //g
s/: .*//g
/ <[0-9]>$/d

spew ()
    info -n "$1" -f | sed -f cov.sed

echo '('
spew "Variable Index"
spew "Procedure Index"
spew "Type Index"
spew "R5RS Index"
echo ')'

rm -f cov.sed

# cov ends here

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