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Regional International Trade Newsletters

From: FITA - Federation of International Trade Associations
Subject: Regional International Trade Newsletters
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 16:20:42 -0500 (EST)



Dear Really Useful Sites for International Trade Professionals 
<> Subscriber:

As a professional in international business, you need the latest news and 
information about trade with different international regions. As a service to 
you, we are pleased to introduce 6 other free newsletters you may find useful 
in your daily business. Please click through to each individually to sign up!

Best regards,
FITA - The Federation of International Trade Associations

The CalTrade Report <> and Tradeport 

The CalTrade Report <> and 
<> have recently joined forces to provide California's 
International trading community with additional reach and coverage, for news 
relating to California. The CalTrade Report is the only dedicated source, 
online or in print, for international business news and information in and 
about California, the world's fifth largest economy. TradePort, the premier 
online resource for comprehensive information and links to global trade 
assistance centers throughout California, will be distributing the CalTrade 
Report to it's members on a regular basis. 

Tradeport and Caltrade will also be jointly hosting a conference titled Global 
California - Economy in Transition Conference 
<> on December 5th in San 
Jose. By focusing on addressing current issues in the global trade environment 
and doing international business with California companies, Global California 
promises to be one of the most informational trade conferences this year. 
Please see either website for more detailed information about the conference or 
to sign-up for the newsletter. 

Newsletters about Business in China

The Shanghai Guangji Newsletter <> is sent monthly to 
hundreds of businesspeople worldwide who are interested in doing business in 
China. Each month the newsletter highlights two or three newsworthy items about 
the Chinese economy and business environment. There is no charge for a 
subscription and you can subscribe by sending an email to address@hidden 

Shanghai Guangji Business Consulting, based in Shanghai, offers localized 
solutions and expertise that get foreign small and medium-sized businesses up 
and running quickly in the Chinese market. For more information please visit 

China Business Strategy <> ( 
provides consulting, research and business intelligence services to companies 
focused on succeeding in the China market. It publishes a free newsletter, 
China Business Express, which can be subscribed to from the website. 

And don't forget FITA's own Chinese-language version of Really Useful Sites for 
International Trade Professionals. Co-produced by FITA <> and 
Sparkice <>, the "ChinaHub for Global Sourcing," it 
translates highlights of the English-language version into Chinese. Click here 
<> to learn about new advertising 
opportunities in the huge China business-to-business market. Click here 
<> to read 
the Chinese edition. And click here to subscribe to the Chinese newsletter 

Division for International Business in the Office of the Mayor of New York City 
Newsletter <>

The Division for International Business in the Office of the Mayor of New York 
City <> assists international 
companies that are opening operations/offices in the City, provides pro bono 
legal consultations, hosts seminars on doing business in the City, and links 
international companies to non-profit businesses and cultural institutions. The 
Division also publishes a quarterly newsletter, containing information on New 
York City of interest to the international business community. It offers 
articles on general topics, such as taxes and visas, important City services, 
and its International Business Calendar 

For requests to be put on the mailing list for the newsletter, go to the 
Division's page <> 
( ) where there is an e-mail 
hyperlink for subscriptions. 

Chamber of the Americas <> 

The Chamber of the Americas <> periodically 
sends out news dealing with a unique topic related to business in Latin 
America. To subscribe to the service, send an email  <mailto:address@hidden>to 
the Chamber.'s GlobalFlash <>  <>covers international business as 
it applies to the metro Atlanta, Georgia area. The Web site dates back to the 
mid-1990s when it was first established by Agio Press Inc. as an extension of 
its GlobalFax news service. GlobalFax, a fax newsletter covering trade 
missions, the activities of the local consular corps and foreign trade offices 
as well as the foreign business of local companies and the local business of 
foreign companies, was launched in 1993. It now has been joined by its email 
version, GlobalFlash. The circulation of GlobalFax and GlobalFlash exceeds 
11,000 recipients. They are free services supported by sponsors and 
advertising. To learn more about the online publications of Agio Press Inc., 
call Phil Bolton, publisher and founder, at (404) 377-7710 or subscribe at 


FITA's official Web site, the International Trade/ Import-Export Portal 
<> ( ) is an excellent source for trade leads, 
news, events, and a link library of 7,000 sites related to international trade. 
Take a look!

>From time to time we alert subscribers to Really Useful Sites for 
>International Trade Professionals <> about services of 
>special interest to our subscribers. Please click here  
> if you do not want to receive these notices. 

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