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guile-sdl 0.2.0 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: guile-sdl 0.2.0 available
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 13:57:07 +0100

NEWS excerpt below.  tarball and friends in dir:

(if it's not there yet, just wait an hour or so -- i'm posting this a
bit early because it's nap time now.)

note that there are two top-level entries in the NEWS excerpt, the
latter a short blurb about maintainership transfer (thanks Alex Shinn!).
also, audio procs have not been tested because i don't have that kind of
hardware in my computer.  however, other things seem to work ok.  bug
reports and other feedback welcome (see TODO if you want to help).


- guile-sdl 0.2.0 (released 2003-11-21)

  - installation change: scheme wrappers for most modules eliminated

        Previously, the modules (sdl mixer), (sdl ttf) and (sdl gfx)
        were implemented as a combination of a small piece of Scheme
        code that dlopened a libtool-created shared object library in
        ${libdir}.  Since Guile can recognize certain shared object
        libraries as modules and load them directly, these Scheme code
        wrappers are not required and thus are now no longer distributed.
        Instead, "make install" places the shared object libraries for
        these modules and their support files in directory:


        The value of ${GUILE_LIBSITE} is determined by the `configure'
        script.  Also installed in this directory is the compiled module
        (sdl sdl-sup), an internal module used by all the user-facing
        modules.  Related to these changes, if the program "guile-tools
        make-module-catalog" is available, installation invokes it for
        the ${GUILE_LIBSITE} directory for the compiled modules, and
        ${GUILE_SITE} for module (sdl sdl).  See README for more info.

  - upgrade facility: make {check,clean}-000-libdir

        See README section "Upgrading Tips" for info on how to handle
        old ${libdir}/libguileSDL* files (from guile-sdl-0.1.x).

  - "sdl-" prefix dropped

        Procedure names no longer begin with "sdl-".  You can use the
        #:renamer clause (in `use-modules' and `define-module' forms)
        to add this back, or possibly choose another prefix.  In this
        distribution, the tests, examples and documentation use "SDL:".

  - "make check" now respects INTERACTIVE env var

        Normally "make check" skips tests that require human
        interaction.  You can do "make check INTERACTIVE=1" to
        enable running those tests as well.

- maintainership transfer: ttn

        A big thanks goes to Alex Shinn, Vikram Subramanian, and Joel
        Smith, the original authors of the disparate packages that all
        came together as guile-sdl in mid-to-late 2001, for (1) writing
        the code; (2) pooling their efforts; and (3) passing it on.

[excerpt ends here]

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