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mmci 0.9.5 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: mmci 0.9.5 available
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 08:22:17 +0100

from README:

 This directory contains mmci (multi-method check-in), a program
 that abstracts the "cvs add" procedure to also handle RCS files
 and Emacs-style backup files.

list of changes (previous release 2001-10-06):

tarball in dir:

basically, more algo munging on the road to 1.0.  use at your own risk!
fyi, below is a simple shell script (~/tmp/go) that shows the nature of
(some of) the lameness removal still ahead.


set -e

# $HOME/tmp/fake is a fake cvs repo: "cvs -d $HOME/tmp/fake init"
rm -rf $HOME/tmp/fake/guile-projects
mkdir $HOME/tmp/fake/guile-projects

cd $HOME/tmp

if [ x$1 = x--fresh ] ; then
  rm -rf guile-projects
  ( cd $HOME/build ; tar cf - guile-projects ) | tar xf -
  rm -rf $HOME/tmp/fake/guile-projects
  mkdir $HOME/tmp/fake/guile-projects

args="-d $HOME/tmp/fake -r guile-projects 
      -x stash 
      -x copyright-template 
      -x autom4te 
      -x ^config[.].*$ 
      -x ^Makefile$ 
      -x ^aclocal.m4$ 
      -x ^configure$ 
      -x ,v$
      -x ^[.]
      -x ^RCS$
      -x ^tmp$
      -x [.]installable$
      -x ^guile-projects-maint$"
# $HOME/build/mmci/mmci -nv $args guile-projects 
$HOME/build/mmci/mmci -v $args guile-projects 

exit 0 # the following doesn't work due to mmci lameness

cd guile-projects ; $HOME/build/mmci/mmci -v $args .

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