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guile-pvm project revived.

From: Faraz Shahbazker
Subject: guile-pvm project revived.
Date: 26 Feb 2004 22:19:17 -0000

   This is to announce that the guile-pvm project that aims to
provide a Scheme interface to the PVM message-passing library has been

        The project had been lying dormant at sourceforge since mid-2001.
The url is :

The latest release 0.0.3 doesn't have anything new : just updated the
code to work with guile-1.6.4 by removing deprecated/old functions.
Future releases will include a proper smob-serializer, and probably
an interface to a batch-queueing library.

BTW: If anyone knows the previous admin of this project (goes by the
name Tom Payne <address@hidden>) please tell me where I can reach him.
The above mail-account doesn't seem to be active and I need to atleast
talk to him since I have "taken-over" his project.

faraz <address@hidden>

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