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ttn-pers-scheme 0.34 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: ttn-pers-scheme 0.34 available
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 17:53:45 +0200

README excerpt:

  This directory contains ttn's personal scheme library, a
  collection of Guile Scheme code and intervening text (-; and a
  maintenance methodology).

NEWS excerpt:

  - 0.34 | 2004-06-10
    - Changes to functionality
      - Bugfix to (ttn filesystem-tree-to-list)
        This proc used to improperly nest empty sibling subdirectories
        due to mis-{understanding,handling} of level information.  The
        DFS collection algorithm has been rewritten to use base (prefix)
      - `read-text-db-table' handles CRLF for eol in addition to LF
      - `email-log-if-fail' changes
        This now supports multiple semicolon-separated command lists
        (not only a single list).  Also, the return value is now
        specified: #t means the command was successful, #f means not
        (implies mail was sent out).
      - `call-process-to-buffers' no longer requires external program touch(1)
      - `slackful-concat-proc' now accepts a keyword as well as a symbol
    - New procs
      - In (ttn personal-pgtable): `personal-pgtable-worker'
      - In (ttn dirutils): `extract-stem-proc'
      - In (ttn html-data): `br' and `center'
    - Dropped module: (ttn psql)
    - Dropped scripts
      - display-rcs-state-summary
      - generate-autoload

tarball, online docs and expanded distribution in directory:

as it turns out, i found two versions of schemey find(1) on my hard
drive (since i'm not net.connected at the moment), so synthesis of their
respective approaches will require some more time (sorry).  this release
was motivated mostly by the `filesystem-tree->list' bugfix, which is
required for mmci, which is required for converting ttn-pers-elisp from
RCS to CVS, which is required for other activities...


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