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Cientia: Strategic Developments

From: Cientia
Subject: Cientia: Strategic Developments
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2004 12:49:19 -0700

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Human capital is the total innovative and productive potential entrenched within the workforce of an organization. It is the force that creates value.

Given that people are the fundamental asset of any organization, management of their capabilities and contributions is an essential function that should not be guided by circumstance or convenience.

Succession planning is the process of harnessing the natural, and predictable, evolution of this capital in a meaningful, consistent and beneficial fashion. The goal is to create the pipeline and reservoir of talent required to formulate and achieve the strategic objectives that determine an organization's long term viability.

Good decisions need good information driven by quality insights and understanding. However, akin to gravity, you cannot observe human capital directly - Abilities, motivation, values and potential are known by their effects.

Fortunately, the science of human measurement and modification has advanced tremendously in recent years so that their influence can be reliably observed and predicted. Instruments and systems are available to qualified professionals that provide the meaningful and focused information required for planned growth and substantive change. Quantifying and shaping your human capital permits the effective management of your most vital resource.

The primary goal is to create a strategically fit organization. One that engages in the continuous learning and adaptation required to build the capabilities for successful implementation of its strategy. The core question answered is: How are the barriers and the strengths of this organization related to its creating value and achieving its strategic objectives? The results are organized in a comprehensive model that links your business strategy and competitive environment directly with your most effective individual competencies and organizational performance levers.

This disciplined development process accomplishes five fundamental tasks:

  • Delivers a comprehensive, work relevant report of each individual based on historical, personal and knowledgeable observer data that guides and predicts success in their expected or desired environment.

  • Creates an accurate human capital audit, including social networking analysis of information and resource flows and includes a succession planning overview.

  • Provides an independent, constructive and fact-based context for identifying the full range of issues that must be addressed to successfully realize individual and organizational potentials.

  • Clarifies what change is required for the organization and allows all parties to work from a common strategic framework and anchor.

  • Implements a transparent and shared agenda for action, owned and driven by a broad partnership that spans the organization

The Cientia system and Workbook is a valuable guide to everyone's career and leadership development. However, its designed specifically for people who aspire to senior roles. The system is probably far more comprehensive than others you may have considered or engaged in and the quality of resources are unsurpassed. The purpose is to provide a thorough and precise process for achieving the highest career and professional levels you are capable of.

The process is freely available to customize and adapt for use in your unique situation. The Competency and Performance Driver analyses and developmental resources are synthesized from the leading global sources in their fields. As well, a top level conference list and regular executive resource newsletter are available to facilitate your ongoing development progress. However, most of the measurements in the formal assessment phase require specific graduate training and qualifications. This is the real key to unlocking world class performance. Contact us for a quote on your particular application.

The formal measurement package includes:

  • 6 cluster, 33 item Competency framework,
  • 5 cluster, 44 item Organizational Performance Driver framework,
  • Social Networking, Information and Resource Flow analyses,
  • Succession map
  • Choice of major Leadership indexes,
  • Emotional Intelligence,
  • Team Functioning and Role Preferences,
  • 360° Interpersonal Work Styles and Orientation,
  • Personality structure,
  • Analytical, conceptual, decision making and thinking styles,
  • Occupational Orientation
  • Motives, Values and Preferences,
  • Control and Desirability orientations.
  • Additional measures as indicated

Senior management teams find the information provided is both more business-focused and powerful than that generated through conventional approaches such as attitude or satisfaction surveys, computer generated reports or consultant interviews. The individual reports structured within the Competency framework deliver reliable, in-depth and concise observations with actionable recommendations for each individual situation. These are valuable for use with personal coaches, trainers or HR departments. They also notice their progress is accelerated through the use of a personal development consultant to help them diagnose needs, assess resource allocation, analyze learning options and connect them with the best value-added and highest quality resources available.

If you want to compete in the big leagues, you need to level the field. You have to think like them using their information. Unfortunately, owners and leaders of small and medium size enterprises typically don't have access to the strategies and methods of major organizations. They lack the awareness, encouragement, budgets, facilities, information and, most of all, the time away from work to develop the insights and abilities they need to grow their businesses even more successfully in the future. Yet, the smaller an organization the more responsibility for it's fate relies increasingly on the abilities and motivation of fewer individuals. Therefore, their performance across a wider range of roles is ever more critical.

Cientia solves these problems in three basic ways. First, delivering its services online increases convenience and efficiency while lowering overhead. This makes the price affordable for the budgets of individuals and mid-sized organizations while accessing a global market. The process then ensures that your time and money are focused precisely on those areas of development with the greatest strategic impact for your unique situation. Lastly, Cientia follows up where the others leave off - With the ongoing monitoring, information and quality resources necessary for sustained improvements.

Cientia also performs Human Due Diligence services. Senior appointments are an essential but risky business. CEO and executive churn are increasing. According to Ivey Business School research, 25% of all executive placements objectively fail. If the performance of another 25% is at best average, the typical success rate is roughly the same as flipping a coin - chance!

Inadequate performance in an influential position can set a large corporation back years in market share and profitability. It can devastate a small or medium size enterprise. The direct cost of replacing a senior appointment is nominally in the range of 1.5 times annual salary. Add in factors such as recruitment, training and replacement expenses, in addition to the effects of sub-optimal productivity, lost opportunities or ineffective strategies, and the cumulative expense of a poor decision quickly escalates. Protect yourself. Cientia provides the data and analysis required to ensure your major talent investments deliver as promised.

Thank you for your consideration,

Douglas Reid
Managing Partner Go BC

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