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(unofficial) Guile available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: (unofficial) Guile available
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2004 04:03:13 +0100

release notes:

  starting to learn a little more about macros, an interesting topic.

  w/ `editing-buffer' incorporated, i threw in "guile-tools gxsed"
  snarfed from ttn-do as well, for stress testing.

  the #:prefix idea is from "official" trunk -- not so sure about
  #:hide, though.

  `add-to-load-path!' is from ttn-pers-scheme.  a "duh!" addition.

  probably the experimental proc `eval-in-current-module-proc' will wind
  up as a clause in `define-module', to make it more explicit and (thus)
  easier to reason about.  we will see...
  found a bug in "guile-tools lint" -- it mistakes references to
  internally `define'd procs as free variables.  patches welcome.


NEWS excerpt:

  Guile released 2004-12-09
  Changes since Guile
  * installation change: ice-9/*.scm files punified on install
  * guile-tools bugfixes
  ** c2doc now handles SCM__I not at bol
  ** punify now escapes backslash in strings
  ** read-scheme-source now correctly reads `define-macro'
  * guile-tools enhancements
  ** fspec2c more strict: signal error child gperf(1) does not DTRT
  ** doc-snarf now handles sig hints for all output format types
  ** new twerp2texi @twerpcommentary type: `include'
  ** values now optional for summarize-guile-TODO `--involved' and `--personal'
  * `#:prefix PREFIX' recognized in `define-module' and `use-modules' specs
  * module documented: (ice-9 session)
  * enhancements to existing modules
  ** (ice-9 documentation) `file-commentary' also trims one space after 
  ** many more procedures provided in module (ice-9 gap-buffer)
  ** new (ice-9 session) proc: add-to-load-path!
  ** new EXPERIMENTAL (ice-9 gumm) proc: eval-in-current-module-proc
  * new modules
  ** (ice-9 editing-buffer)
  ** (srfi srfi-56) -- EXPERIMENTAL: SRFI-56 not yet finalized
  ** (scripts gxsed)

cvs tag:


tarball and other files in dir:

online reference manual:

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