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From: julius_nyerere
Date: 18 Jan 2005 22:58:17 -0000


I do foresee the surprise this letter will bring to you as it comes from a 
stranger. But be rest assured as it comes with best  intention. However your 
address was courtesy of a business journal at  the trade center in Ghana. But 
after due consideration from my profile, I became aware of your credibility of 
handling this business transaction, after my humble decision to solicit for 
your understanding and co-operation in this transaction, as it will be 
beneficial to all of us involved.

My name is Ozoko Bonso Nyerere, from Tanzania. I am the First son of my father 
(Late President Julius Nwalimu Nyerere), Former President of Tanzania who died 
two years ago, My father used his position then to make for himself and us 
great fortune. My father died after a protracted illness, I was studying 
overseas then when my father died and I was forced to return for the funeral. 
After the burial of my father, his Lawyer invited me  to his chamber (office) 
and gave me my father’s will. When I was  going through the will, There I 
knew about a consignment, which he(my father) deposited with a Private Security 
Company here in Ghana, he deposited the consignment as family valuables. The 
Security Company does not know that the consignment contains money, except the 
Attorney (Lawyer) and me. The amount is us$10 (Millon States Dollars}. However 
my aim of contacting you is to help me and transfer this money into your 
nominated bank account in your country,  secondly you will help me look for a 
profitable investment which the  money will be invest into. As a result of my 
present situation, I  won't be able to conclude this transaction alone. If you 
are interested in helping me, contact me through my e-mail address. I will then 
furnish you with more details. I have mutually agreed to compensate you with 
20%of the total sum for your assistance, while I set aside 5% of this money for 
any expenses that might be incurred in the process of this transaction. Then 
the remaining 75%will remain for my family and me, which you will help us to 
invest. Be informed that this transaction needs utmost trust and 

Note also that the transaction is 100% risk free hence my Lawyer has arranged 
all the modalities for safe, smooth successful transaction. Looking forward to 
receive your urgent reply through  (address@hidden)

Thanks and God bless you.

Best regards,

Ozoko Bonso Nyerere

{For the family).

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