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cheep, high-qualjty erecction mads. combustible

From: Tami Thompson
Subject: cheep, high-qualjty erecction mads. combustible
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 09:05:25 -0600

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Come to see by yourself:

dean well first of all i have as much foreign-policy experience as george w 
bush did when he got into office.
i imagine hq is planning to bring out the bat in a few weeks for the end of 
quarter push boy oh boy will i be ready.
media hacks talk about liberal as if they know what they are talking about but 
they rarely put a progressive on their shows - like zinn or chomsky.
thanks for the nader survey although the question that asked which democratic 
candidate i would vote for instead of nader i answered any of them.
reporters got wind that afscme president gerald mcentee somehow wanted to delay 
the endorsement by seiu until afscme finished its internal endorsement 
politics? whaaaaa?
joe torres consistently brings the yankees to the post season has won multiple 
championships and is still at a constant threat of losing his job.
thing is if a mother s life is endangered at that late stage they can actually 
take the baby can be rough on the child but the odds are alot better than with 
this procedure.
now dean really is no mcgovern he s stronger and much much more of a winner but 
the fact that frum sees him as such speaks volumes about where his head is.
with lots of you goingto nh and iowa i am targeting sc thanksgiving week is 
closer and warmer.
missed the last thread but would agree it s best to leave out all but the most 
personal information.
sounds like big time delayed gratification but may well be worth it if next wed 
we get all seiu and afscme ?sp !! wow.
history has shown kennedy to have been a deeply flawed man whose life and 
shortened term in office hardly matched the camelot facade.
c-section isn t a real option in nearly all second trimester abortions yes 
c-sections are dangerous something that is generally not well known but that 
isn t the reason why it s not an option.

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