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cheep, high-qualjty erecction mads. fire

From: Silas Joyce
Subject: cheep, high-qualjty erecction mads. fire
Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 13:24:44 -0700 (CST)

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Come to see by yourself:

it would be great national exposure for dean and if the other candidates are 
pretty much knocked out by then how could they say no?
again i signed up to be a part of the team and tolet them know that i was 
working on behalf of the campaign and that i would be available for say 
something like the debate rally in nyc.
look - those of you who are worried davep et al probably shouldn t be if they 
weren t going to endorse gov dean then gov dean would not have been present let 
alone wearing an seiu jacket.
there is some type of meeting that will happen next wednesday that they are 
waiting for sorry i missed that part.
the progressive policy institute is the policy wing of take a wild guess the 
dlc of course they have the same mailing address take a look.
gerald ford asked us to whip inflation now remember win buttons? as though we 
had something to do with it.
he promised to speak at this dinner over a year ago and she thought it said 
alot about his character that he kept that promise.
dean is a self-centered spoild brat he is as much anti-american as the islamist 
scum who flew planes into the world trade centers.
today i had my dean button on and i walked into the grocery store i ran into a 
friend who saw my button and asked what do you think about all those states 
canceling their primary this year?
yes today dean compliments the forces who doggedly pursued and finally captured 
saddam i agree with many upthread re not saying great but keep it simple.
i want someone willing to stand up and fight demonstrate character and not act 
like carl rove that i can vote for they are hurting the party and strengthening 
the bush rove position with the masses.
lehrer isn t it hyprocritical for you to criticize president bush on his plans 
for iraq when you voted for the war that in your opinion had no exit plan and 
had no requirement for more allies?
i don t think a single dean supporter out there was sitting there saying wow i 
support gw bush on everyting except for the fact that he couldn t catch saddam 

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