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space-frisk w/ selection available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: space-frisk w/ selection available
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 18:12:21 +0200


typing `o' now cyclically "selects", i.e., restricting the view to it
and its up- and downstream modules (and edges and labels), and `p'
restores full selection (all modules visible).  (yeah, i know -- lame
keybindings, but you have the source... ;-)  for more info, see dirs:

btw, this was done as a side-effect of THUD bumming and burning.  if you
can imagine the info below displayed as two concentric spheres gyrating
on your screen (and doing other weird things), then maybe you don't need
space-frisk after all.


18 files, 26 modules (17 internal, 9 external), 72 edges

x (ice-9 pretty-print)
                         autoload       (thud impl sim)
x (ice-9 gumm)
                         regular        (thud impl runtime)
x (ttn abbrev-tree)
                         regular        (thud impl face)
x (ice-9 and-let-star)
                         regular        (thud impl thgen)
                         regular        (thud impl svc0)
                         regular        (thud impl scan)
                         regular        (thud impl face)
x (srfi srfi-13)
                         regular        (thud impl com)
x (ice-9 rdelim)
                         autoload       (thud impl runtime)
                         autoload       (thud readline-proxy)
x (ice-9 getopt-long)
                         regular        (shell thgen)
                         regular        (thud user)
x /home/ttn/build/thud/src/thud/config-info.scm
                         computed       (guile-user)
                         computed       (guile-user)
x (guile-user)

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