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Breaking News

From: Desmond Hoover
Subject: Breaking News
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 09:59:16 -0500

Put it on your screen now !!!
The key to making serious money through investing is not to follow 
the crowd. 

Make no mistake: Our mission at SmallCap-Investors is to claw our way 
through the thousands of underperforming companies out there to find 
the golden needle in the haystack the micro-cap DIAMOND 
that can make you rich. More often than not, the stocks we profile 
show a significant increase in stock price and sometimes in days, 
not months or years. We have come across what we feel is one of those 
rear deals that the public has not heard about yet. 

Harbin Pingchuan Pharmaceutical: PGCN
Trading Date: 2005 Dec 27
Current Price: $0.37 
Shares Outstanding: 20 Million 
Market Capitalization: $6 Million 
Short Term Target: $2.00 
12month Target: $10.00 
Market Performance: STRONG BUY 

SmallCap-Investors issued this Alert for Dec 27. 
This is a MUST Watch for all Investors.


Pingchuan Pharmaceutical Inc. ("PINGCHUAN") is modernized 
pharmaceutical manufacturer with first-class medical R&D ability, 
pioneered medicine products, and well-established marketing network. 
Since its establishment, PINGCHUAN has focused its businesses on 
diabetes medicine and its medical products. The products of PINGCHUAN 
include health care products, varieties of medicine, as well as medical 
apparatus. Kang Da Glycosuria Capsule is a successful product of 
PINGCHUAN for treating diabetes, which eas first developed in 1998 and 
introduced to the market in 2001. PINGCHUAN has well-established 
marketing network and sale branches, which include about 180,000 retail 
pharmacies/drugstores across China, agency network in major cities like 
Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Xi'an, special counter sale at drug 
chain stores in key regions, residence community clinic sale and 
promotion, as well as internet marketing through the company's website. 
The marketing network of PINGCHUAN covers more than 50% districts of 
China and exports to US, Japan, Russia, and south-eastern Asia. 


This company has dropped big news in the past, 
who's to say they dont have another big one brewing. 
GO PGCN we are Watching...

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