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From: Walter Parker
Subject: NOTIFICATION - News Alert
Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2006 14:21:14 -1000

Make this your first buy tomorrow! 

Date: 2006 Jan 6
Symbol: DKDY 
Todays Open: $1.61
Short Term: $3.00
Long Term: $9.50 - $11.00
Status: Strong Buy 

Dark Dynamite Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: DKDY - News; "DDI") announces 
that the construction of the Western 3rd Round City Highway 
(the "3rd Highway") in Xi'an is expected to be completed in early 2006. 
The completed 3rd Highway is expected to bring in more tourists 
to the Theme Park of the Qin E-Pang Palace ("E-Pang Palace") 
in the coming years. The 3rd Highway is invested in by the Xi'an Government, 
with a total investment of RMB500 million (equal to US$61.7 million). 
The total length of the 3rd Highway is 18.42 km, which includes 
7 large crossroads and 2 bridges. The 3rd Highway is expected 
to be completed early 2006, and to be opened free of charge. 
After the completion of the 3rd Round City Highway, traveling time 
between the city center and the Theme Park of E-pang Palace will be 
reduced from 30 minutes to around 20 minutes, thus greatly benefiting 
tourists for traveling to the E-Pang Palace, as well as promoting 
the attractiveness of the E-Pang Palace for tourists. 
Since the is Theme Park located at the centre of many historic sites 
of Xi'an city, such as the famous Emperor Qin's Terra-cotta Warriors 
and Horses Museum, the Mausoleum of Emperor Qin, Huaqing Hot-springs, 
and Fa'men Temple. After the completion of the 3rd Highway, 
tourists will have easy access to the Theme Park while visiting 
other historical sites. The Theme Park is estimated to become one 
of the main tourism destinations among travel agencies due to its distinctive 
Qin cultural palaces and convenient traffic conditions, which is estimated 
to bring an extra 10,000 tourists, as well as an increase in income 
of RMB350,000 (equal to US$43,210) per month. 

About Dark Dynamite Inc, and why we see this as a great BUY !

Dark Dynamite Inc. ("DDI") contracts and operates the Theme Park 
of Qin E-Pang Palace ("the Theme Park") through its wholly owned subsidiary 
in China, Shannxi Kaida Tourism Co., Ltd., a professional tourism consultancy 
and management firm. The Theme Park was built up in 2000 on the ruins 
of the historical Qin E-Pang Palace, imitating the architectural style 
of the Qin E-Pang Palace, the most prestigious and largest palace built 
in the Qin dynasty over 2,200 years ago. The architecture 
of the Theme Park principally consists of two parts, the Scenic Spot 
and Six-state Palace, owning a total area of 667,000 square meters 
and a total building area of 64,300 square meters. 
The Theme Park is not only an unparalleled scenic spot for recalling 
Qin dynasty culture for tourism in China, but also a multi-function 
leisure and entertainment center. The business divisions 
of the Theme Park include E-Pang Palace Scenic Spot, 
Six-state Palace Hot-spring escort and Film & TV base. 
Since commencing operations from 2000, the Theme Park has received 
250,000 to 300,000 tourists annually. 

So what does this mean for my investment dollar? 

It means this company is on the brink of changing the market itself, 
and today investors recognized it as they began scooping up the shares 
like crazy. 

This stock was trading at over $2.26 earlier last week and slowly over 
the last few days it dwindled. Now with the breaking news 
we are now more certain than ever it will climb back to 
$3.00 and beyond. 

What an exciting day of trading. 

Friday morning will be just as exciting. 
Early buyers will get the highest Profits, 
But the rise will continue so Get in on it before it breaks out. 
There is plenty of time to double and triple your investment. 

If you missed our release yesterday go to the DKDY website and read up 
on this amazing news. 

Members if you do nothing else at all in the market this week, get in on 
DKDY before all the bigboys buy it up and push the price out of site.

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