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From: Carl Swift
Subject: re[17]
Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2006 15:56:37 -0300

Maybe she really loves old Ralph Dugan. into account If you'd like He noted there were no single-serving boxes of pre-sweetened cereals.

Sleepy fourth-floor dorm proctor hammering on his door, telling him to come on and answer the fucking phone. Scream! She looked at him. ""Tell the truth, Paul. No big conspiracy. That Bossie had indeed died, and when spring had softened the ground enough, Paul had watched from his window, sometimes dumbstruck with awe and sometimes overcome with shrieking attacks of the giggles, as she first dug the grave (it had taken her most of the day) and then dragged Bossie (who had also softened considerably) out from behind the barn. "If he gets Gray's corpse back to the car, he can drive it to Queens and dump it in this abandoned building project he knows about. in 1957

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