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RPX 1.1 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: RPX 1.1 available
Date: Tue, 02 Feb 2010 18:29:35 +0100

release notes:

  In the NEWS excerpt, [R] means "following ratpoison's lead".
  Looks like the next big hurdle is to make ttn-do work w/ Guile 1.9.


README excerpt:

  This is rpx, a port of ratpoison to Guile 1.4.x Scheme.
  Although initially intended as a proof-of-concept exercise
  to plumb ttn's ignorance of X11, Scheme, and good taste,
  the result has proven to be useful as well.

  Despite rpx veneration of ratpoison look, feel, and
  internal design, there have been some unavoidable
  concessions to some of the more hairy parts of Xlib (the
  reimplementation of which is shared somewhat uneasily by
  rpx and ttn-do).  These are listed in the manual.

NEWS excerpt:

  - 1.1 | 2010-02-02

    - bugfixes

      - [R] Call ‘switchwin’ also as a result of unmap, destroy.

      - [R] Reduce keyboard grabbing.

        RPX now interacts better with Firefox and other programs
        (over?)sensitive to keyboard grabbing.

      - [R] Allow binding keys with no associated keycode.

        Previously the KEY argument to ‘bind’ (and ‘definekey’) was
        required to be physically on the keyboard (i.e., to have an
        associated keycode).  Now that restriction is lifted.  This
        means you can do e.g.: "bind ihook windows", even if your
        keyboard has no "ihook" key.

      - [R] Do nothing for top-level keys with no associated keycode.

        Similar to above.  If a given key is not on the keyboard, then
        what's the point grabbing it?

      - [R] On screen resize, also resize help window.

      - [R] Disallow duplicate group names.

        Adding a group with the same name as a currently-defined one now
        results in a "group already exists" error.

      - [R] Disallow ‘swap’ of frames on different screens.

      - [R] Run hook ‘switchgroup’ on command ‘gdelete’.

      - Display correct fg/bg color names in ‘set’ output.

        This bug was introduced by ttn during the port.

      - [R] Synchronize state after tmp wm (command ‘tmpwm’) returns.

        The command ‘tmpwm’ now waits until RPX state can be
        synchronized with the server's cleanup after the tmp wm exits.
        This has been tested to with fvwm 2.5.18 (seems ok).

      - [R] Some commands do tab-completion at the Command: prompt.

        More precisely, the commands ‘addhook’, ‘alias’, ‘definekey’ and
        ‘remhook’ now do tab-completion for their "command" arg.

    - new stuff

      - [R] New format characters

        - %M expands to "Maxsize", or nothing

        - %p expands to the ‘_NET_WM_PID’ value (integer), or "?"

      - [R] Handle ‘_NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_DIALOG’ window types as transient.

        That is, if a window has the property ‘_NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE’ with
        (atom) value ‘_NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_DIALOG’, that window will be
        treated as transient, regardless of its ‘WM_TRANSIENT_FOR’

      - [R] By default bind ‘C-t P’ to ‘prevscreen’, ‘C-t N’ to ‘nextscreen’.

      - [R] For command ‘groups’, mark "other" group with "+".
      - [R] New command: gother

        Relatedly, on command ‘gdelete’, RPX selects the "other" group
        rather than the next in the (numeric id) series.

      - [R] New command: grename

      - [R] New commands: set fwcolor, set bwcolor

        With these commands you can specify the color of the window
        border for focused and unfocused windows, respectively.

      - [R] Set property ‘_NET_WM_NAME’ on each root window to "rpx".

      - [R] New commands: banishrel, ratinfo, ratrelinfo

    - small code and doc beautifications

    - maintenance uses Autoconf 2.65, Automake 1.11

tarball, etc, in dir:

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