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Guile-SDL Demos 3.0 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Guile-SDL Demos 3.0 available
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 18:35:05 +0100

release notes:

  New screenshot on the homepage, too!


README excerpt:

  This is a collection of small programs released
  under GNU GPL v3 that use Guile-SDL, available at:

  NB: These require Guile-SDL 0.4.0 or later.

NEWS excerpt:

  - 3.0 | 2011-12-22

    - programs can be run from anywhere

        Previously, programs had to be invoked from their own directory,
        to able to find their data files (i.e., they looked in ".").
        Now, they look in ‘(dirname (car (command-line)))’.  Note that
        this will fail for symlinks, so if you want to "install" a
        program in ~/bin, for instance, the best way is to create a
        small shell wrapper:

          exec /path/to/guile-sdl-demos-3.0/PROG/PROG "$@"

        Perhaps we will support "make install" in a future release...

    - programs can be run w/o args

        Previously, such functionality lived in the top-level driver
        script ‘demo’ and some programs would barf if run w/o args.

    - ‘make check’ support

        The command "make check" runs all the demo programs without args.

    - changes to driver script ‘demo’

      - license now GPLv3+

        It used to be GPLv3 (without the "any later version" option).

      - /bin/bash no longer required

        /bin/bash was to implement ‘unpicasso --random’ support, but
        that's moved into unpicasso proper.

      - new option ‘--version’

        This displays the Guile-SDL Demos version and exits successfully.

    - changes to demo ‘view-vcg’

      - VCG files cleanup

        There were two long-standing ‘\D’ in the VCG files.
        Who knows how they got there?

      - workaround for Guile 1.8.7 (ice-9 popen) bug

        Previously, view-vcg used ‘open-input-pipe’ for gathering the
        output of the sed(1) command used as part of reading the vcg
        file.  Unfortunately, Guile 1.8.7 does not return all of the
        subprocess output for some of the larger vcg files, so now we
        filter in two steps, via a temporary file, and avoid pipes
        altogether (sigh).

      - geometry defaults to 300x400

      - option ‘--batch’ dropped

        The program is now always interactive.

    - changes to demo ‘unpicasso’

      - if given a directory, scan it for images

        A file is recognized as an image if its name has one of the
        extensions (portion after last "."): gif, png, jpg, ppm.

      - new option ‘--random’

        This option makes unpicasso run the command ‘locate *.jpg’
        and randomly choos one of the resulting directories for
        scanning (as described above).

        You need a working locate(1) installed on the system.

    - new demo ‘mq’

        This program highlights the difference between KEYUP and KEYDOWN
        events, w/ some alpha blending and fancy blit ordering mixed in.

tarball, prettified source, screenshot, etc. in dir:

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