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guile-ncurses 1.7 released

From: Mike Gran
Subject: guile-ncurses 1.7 released
Date: Sun, 8 May 2016 23:03:04 +0000 (UTC)

There is a new release (1.7) of the guile-ncurses package. 

guile-ncurses is a library for the creation of text user interfaces 
using the GNU Guile dialect of the Scheme programming language. 
The text user interface library is based on the ncurses's 
base, form, panel, and menu libraries. 

The NEWS for the present release is as follows. 

This release is primarily about merging panels and windows into 
a single Guile type. 

Release 1.7 
- the previously undocumented (ncurses curses) procedure 'window?' is 
now public and documented 
- the previously undocumented (ncurses panel) procedure 'panel?' has 
been moved to (ncurses curses) and had been documented 
- the (ncurses curses) procedure 'delwin' always returns #t now 
- the (ncurses curses) procedures 'cursyncup', 'syncup', and 
'syncdown' are no longer broken 
- 'posix-explorer' demo program now works on Guile 1.8.8 
- panels are now a sub-class of windows 
- the #<panel> type is eliminated 
- the (ncurses panel) procedures 'new-panel' and 'del-panel' are 
- new (ncurses curses) procedures 'make-panel!' and 'del-panel!' 
convert/deconvert a plain window into a panel window 
- all panel functions now operate on panel window #<window> types 
- the previously undocumented 'window?' routine now returns #t 
on plain windows and panel windows 
- the previously undocumented 'panel?' routing now returns #t 
on panel windows and #f on plain windows. 
- the (ncurses curses) procedures 'newwin', 'derwin', and 'subwin' 
now have a key parameter #:panel that, when #t, creates the 
windows as panel windows. 

The web-page for guile-ncurses is 

The primary download location is 

Or you can find a local mirror at 

Please send any questions or bug report to the mailing list 

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