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Guile-PG 0.49 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: Guile-PG 0.49 available
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2020 00:57:12 -0500

release notes:

  All caught up on the PostgreSQL side, now to turn to Guile...

README excerpt:

  Guile-PG is a collection of modules for Guile allowing access to
  the PostgreSQL RDBMS from Scheme programs.

  The low-level module ‘(database postgres)’ provides an almost
  one-to-one correspondence with the PostgreSQL "libpq" C library
  interface.  The other modules build on it to provide abstractions
  and convenience procedures.

NEWS for 0.49 (2020-11-13):

  - dependency clarified: state range

    Previously, the README file intimated that any Guile 1.4.x and
    later would work w/ Guile-PG.  This has now been clarified to
    state the actual working range (1.4.x to 2.0.x, inclusive).

    We have plans for adding support for 2.2.x (and maybe 3.x) in
    the near to middling future.

    See also file test/OK.

  - Guile "auto-compilation" suppressed

    In all three phases: configuration, build, and test, Guile 2.x
    "auto-compilation" of .scm to .go files is suppressed by setting
    the env var ‘GUILE_AUTO_COMPILE=0’.

    We will do intentional compilation at some point, as soon as we
    figure out how to DTRT.  See project CMOD-PLAY for experiments.

  - testing upgraded for PostgreSQL 10 through 13

    Some of the failing tests when run against these versions of
    PostgreSQL have been upgraded, notably those concerning
    ‘pg-server-version’ and ‘pg-oid-value’.

    For PostgreSQL 13, the module ‘(postgres meta)’ is broken; its
    testing is disabled (exit 77 => SKIP) for now.

  - bootstrap/maintenance tools


     Guile-BAUX 20201108.2335.8592e21
     GNU gnulib 2020-11-04 23:13:40
     GNU Autoconf 2.69d

    as before:

     GNU texinfo 6.7
     GNU Automake 1.16.2
     GNU Guile 2.0.13

tarball in dir:



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