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Re: Guile-zstd 0.1.1 released

From: Aleix Conchillo Flaqué
Subject: Re: Guile-zstd 0.1.1 released
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2021 11:19:09 -0800

On Sun, Dec 27, 2020 at 7:01 AM Ludovic Courtès <> wrote:
> Ludovic Courtès <> skribis:
> > I’m pleased to announce the first release of Guile-zstd:
> Oops, a file was missing from the repo, so here’s a brand new release!
>   git clone
>   cd guile-zstd
>   git checkout v0.1.1  # or f853c8eb81088f8fbf33d38e62cddea9a4984180
>   git tag -v v0.1.1

Great! This is now available in Guile Homebrew as well as guile-lzlib
and guile-zlib.

Btw, I sent a PR to guile-zstd:


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