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Re: fyi: swig guile support maintainer transition

From: Mark Galassi
Subject: Re: fyi: swig guile support maintainer transition
Date: 02 Sep 2000 15:12:38 -0600

    thi> hello, this message is to announce that Matthias Köppe is now
    thi> officially blessed as the one in charge of guile support in
    thi> SWIG.  this is no surprise as he has been doing an excellent
    thi> job adding and indirectly maintaining guile support in SWIG
    thi> for a while now.  please direct correspondance and patches to
    thi> him in the future.

    thi> my role in SWIG development will be to focus on testing and
    thi> other cross-language infrastructure.

Guys, please keep the Guile list informed about SWIG news.  It is very
important work.

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