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Re: help to get this running faster

From: Karl M. Hegbloom
Subject: Re: help to get this running faster
Date: 04 Sep 2000 18:53:30 -0700

>>>>> "Brad" == Brad Knotwell <address@hidden> writes:

    Brad> Hello--
    Brad> It's not exactly the same script, but I think it does pretty much the 
    Brad> thing (I changed from a set of nested lists (???) to a single list).

    Brad> On my machine, it's an order of magnitude faster than the previous
    Brad> script.

    Brad> (define-module (alto tabreader))

    Brad> (export load-records)

    Brad> (use-modules (ice-9 optargs))
    Brad> (use-modules (ice-9 string-fun)

    Brad> (define* (load-records fname #&optional (sep #\tab))
    Brad>   (call-with-input-file fname
    Brad>     (lambda (i-stream)
    Brad>       (do ((records '())
    Brad>          (line (read-line i-stream) (read-line i-stream)))
    Brad>         ((eof-object? line) records)
    Brad>       (set! records (append records (list (split-discarding-char sep 
line list))))))))

 Rather than using `append' like that, I would use `cons', and finally
 return `(reverse! records)'.  I think that would be faster.

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