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guile-occam and question

From: Arjan J. Molenaar
Subject: guile-occam and question
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 09:56:59 +0200


I'm Arjan and was willing to do something schemy for quite some time. Thanks to 
a suggestion on the guile ideas page I started a little project to implement 
some OCCAM features (par/channels) in Guile.

I've attached my code for so far (<250 lines including testing code) Guile 
should be compiled with thread-support enabled to use this (I do no checks for 
that). I used Guile 1.4.

That brings me to a few questions:

1. I can make it a module by adding something like (define-module ...) at the 
beginning of the file. But where should I put the file if I want it to be 
accessed as a module from any other scheme program?

2. Where should I add docstrings for my scheme functions/macros and how can I 
generate nice docs from them?

3. How can I make SMOB's from scheme code? I'd like to see a channel as a 
special type. Otherwise: how can I check if something is indeed a channel?

4. Is this the way scheme code is to be written ;-)?

Thanks in advance,


"Austin Gates, International Man of
Technology...I put the sin in syntax!"

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