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Segfault in Guile-1.4 and CVS Guile

From: satchell
Subject: Segfault in Guile-1.4 and CVS Guile
Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2000 09:43:01 GMT

The join-thread primitive seems to broken, when joining with a terminated

For example
(define (thred-n n)
         (sleep n)(display n)(newline)))
(join-thread   (thred-n 1))
(join-thread   (thred-n 0))

causes a segfault for me. This used to work, up to guile 1.3.4. A quick check
with gdb shows that coop_join in coop.c is being passed a NULL pointer. 

The correct fix is presumably to ensure that the thread pointer remains valid.
For now I have releived my symptoms by checking the pointer and returning if

Julian Satchell

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