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Re: cvs repository broke?

From: Michael Livshin
Subject: Re: cvs repository broke?
Date: 06 Sep 2000 17:20:37 +0300
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"Dale P. Smith" <address@hidden> writes:

> Has the cvs repository changed machines or is broken in some other
> way?

it changed machines.

the anoncvs is accessible as:

cvs -d :pserver:address@hidden:/cvs login
[ the password is empty ]

and then either checkout the repo anew from subversions or mung the
CVS/Root and CVS/Repository files in your working copy and update.

[ I'm not sure why there wasn't any formal announcement yet, but most
  probably it's because some things are still in flux.  anoncvs should 
  work regardless, though. ]


A computer, to print out a fact,
Will divide, multiply, and subtract.
    But this output can be
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If the input was short of exact.
                -- Gigo

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