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RE: Guile truly embedable ?

From: John Fitzgerald
Subject: RE: Guile truly embedable ?
Date: Fri, 4 May 2001 09:17:51 +1200

But beware that gh_lookup() returns SCM_UNDEFINED for symbols defined with
'define-public' in modules included via 'use-modules', whereas
gh_eval_str("(defined? ...)") *will* find them, at least in Guile 1.4.

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> Subject:      RE: Guile truly embedable ?
> >You may want to use
> >
> >  SCM gh_lookup (const char *sname);
> >
> >which expects a C-string and returns the value of the corresponding
> >Scheme variable.
> Thanks!  that is pretty useful and would probably make a nice addition to
> the reference manual :)
> Nicholas Harbour
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