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RE: Guile extension module skeleton package available

From: Nicholas Harbour
Subject: RE: Guile extension module skeleton package available
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 13:21:06 -0400

>After releasing, I began thinking about which licensing model would be
>appropriate for such a thing.  I think it's quite useful and would
>like to encourage people using it, without annoying them by saying:
>``well use this code and replace most of it with your own, but always
>make sure everyone will see my name when using it.''
>Also I think the copyright should not be more restrictive than
>Guile's, so maybe I should use Guile's copyright including the
>exception to the GPL.  Would that be the Right Thing?  I'm not sure.

I would think that just simply Public Domain would be the best option here.
As foolish as it may seem, some companies these days are a little
apprehensive of being "infested" with GPL code.  This seems to be a hot
topic on several different forums right now.  PD would give it total freedom
to be used by GPL programs as well as closed-source programs.  While I am
sure that not many people here want to encourage closed-source development,
this would only help to expand the usage of guile (which I would be a good

That's my $.02 for what its worth.  (not accounting for inflation or
exchange rates).

Nicholas Harbour

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