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RE: Guile Impressions

From: John Fitzgerald
Subject: RE: Guile Impressions
Date: Tue, 8 May 2001 12:59:52 +1200

I'm pleased to hear that the current module system is to be extended and
documented.  I only monitor the guile-user list, so the impressions I've
expressed are those of a Guile user.  From the phrase "any future module
system" I infer that that is very much a future objective rather than a work
in progress.  I am quite happy to proceed with the existing one knowing that
doing so is unlikely to cause a major incompatibility in the near future, if
at all.

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> Subject:      Re: Guile Impressions
>    [...] but it feeds into the bigger picture of modules.  I keep seeing
>    disclaimers about the module system being revamped and that we
>    shouldn't rely on the current mechanism remaining.  The provision of
>    modules is fairly core, I would have thought, to the entire structure
>    of Guile applications.  I feel that a robust, stable and well
>    documented module system needs to be put in place ahead of the
>    facilities and features that could benefit from it.  I know the "new
>    module mechanism" continues to be discussed, but it seems to me to be
>    being discussed somewhat half-heartedly and not actually moving
>    forward.
> your impressions are most likely affected by what mailing lists you
> monitor.  on the guile-devel mailing list some of us are actively
> hammering out specification on the last of the current module system
> deficiencies (as i see it), namely "selective import" and "binding
> renaming", to be included in the next guile release (which is definitely
> on the horizon).  with these features you will have complete control of
> a module's bindings w/o messy kludges.
> as for the New module system, my advice would be don't wait for it.
> next guile release will document the current module system and it's
> highly possible (if i have anything to do w/ it) that any future module
> system will maintain this interface, so it makes sense to use what you
> have now.
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