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Re: To gh_ or not to gh_?

From: Lars J. Aas
Subject: Re: To gh_ or not to gh_?
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 12:57:31 +0200
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On Thu, May 10, 2001 at 02:36:04PM -0500, Rob Browning wrote:
: One thing that we've been discussing on guile-devel is, at a minimum,
: starting to hide all the scm_ functions that are considered "private"
: by default, either with private headers, or more likely with a #define
: SCM_INTERNAL or similar.  This would help make it clear which of the
: scm_ functions are intended for public consumption.

I come from the school where the thinking is that internal functions
shouldn't be present in public (installed) header files at all.  Client
developers are just as likely to go to the header files than to the
reference manual, and having internal functions in the public headers
does two things; 1) they make a mess, and 2) they confuse the reader.

Maintaining separate private and public header files takes more work
(and since I'm not doing it my vote doesn't count for much), but I think
it is worth it.

  Lars J

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