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Garbage Collection questions

From: Sam Tregar
Subject: Garbage Collection questions
Date: Sun, 13 May 2001 17:34:41 -0400 (EDT)

Hey guys.  I've got some questions about garbage collection.  I'm working
on Perl bindings for Guile and getting their GC mechanisms to play nice is
starting to look like a real pain.  Perl uses an explicit refcounting GC
which is very easy to manipulate.  So far I can't see any easy ways to
examine/manipulate Guile's GC...  Anwyay, the questions:

1) Is it possible to examine/walk the GC mark tree from C code?  That
would be a huge help in debugging and might also help me in other ways too
perverse to get into here.

2) Under what circumstances do I need to protect an SCM?  Say, for
instance I write:

  result = scm_cons(a, b);

Do I need to do something with result to keep it from getting GC'd at some
arbitrary point in the future?


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