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Re: How should I check for Guile in

From: Juho Östman
Subject: Re: How should I check for Guile in
Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 15:44:33 +0300

At 22:09 16.5.2001 +0200, Martin Grabmueller wrote:

[ script]
if test "`guile -c '(display (string>=? (version) "1.4.1"))'`" != "#t"; then
AC_MSG_ERROR([Your Guile is too old. You need CVS Guile January 2001 or later.])
At least Debian has kept the Guile library and the interpreter binary in separate packages, so that it isn't required to have the interpreter installed if just the library is used. Is there any other way (configure time) to check the version number?

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