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Re: In search of cool Scheme

From: Hans O. Lowe
Subject: Re: In search of cool Scheme
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 21:58:22 -0500

Sam & Klaus,

I don't know about doing it with data stream and delayed evaluation,
but I was thinking of something simple like this:

(define (differentiate y)
  (if (list? y) 
      (cond ((eq? (car y) '+) (cons '+ (map differentiate (cdr y))))
            ((eq? (car y) '-) (cons '- (map differentiate (cdr y))))
            ((eq? (car y) 'sin) (list '*
                                      (list 'cos (cadr y))
                                      (differentiate (cadr y))))
            (else 'y))
      (cond ((number? y) 0)
            ((eq? y 'x) 1)
            (else (list 'differentiate y)))))

;;; Try this:
  (display (differentiate '(4 x (sin u))))

It's is simple, crude, incomplete, and possibly flawed, but you get
the idea. Symbolic manipulation is natural to Lisp and its
dialects. This simple script may not convince anyone of the virtue of
using Scheme, but can certainly serve to demonstrate one major
difference between Scheme and Perl.



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