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sending list

From: Manuel Giraud
Subject: sending list
Date: 11 Sep 2001 12:05:37 +0200
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Hi guilers,

        I was thinking of something that would be cool to have : be
        able to send and receive list over a socket. So you can write
        this kind of code : 

        ;;; Client
        ;;; ...
        (define message '(define a 8))
        (connect sock AF_INET 
                 (car (hostent:addr-list (gethost sname))) port)
        (send sock message)     
        ;;; end of Client

        ;;; Server
        ;;; ...
        (let ((sock (car (accept sock))))
          (eval (read sock)))
        ;;; end of Server

        But the guile's send use the classical C's send. So is there a
        guile guru out there to say if such a thing is feasible or
        completely impossible.
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_Manuel Giraud_

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