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wikid 0.81 online + source available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: wikid 0.81 online + source available
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 07:23:15 -0400

thanks to everyone who played w/ wikid-0.7, simplistic as it was.  the
good news is that not only is wikid-0.81 available and online, the data
migration seems to work, so no dabbling was lost.  check out:

the second url is the log of the wikid running behind the first.
(how's that for immediate gratification?)

here's the relevant NEWS excerpt:

  - WIKID 0.81, released 2001-10-04
    - wikid
      - accepts "index" command, returns index page
      - new namespace: "extra links" (aka "external links")
      - now supports adding pages
      - now supports changing empty pages into an extra link
      - bugfix: all CRLF converted to LF
    - wikid-admin
      - "index" displays index page
      - "init-db" and "dump-db-as-seed" support extra links

although i'm sure everyone can figure it out, creating a wikid-style
reference (when editing) is super easy: just put "<<" and ">>" around
the title of the page you wish to reference.  try editing and you'll see
examples.  the only other thing to keep in mind is that blank lines are
automatically converted to "<P>" (paragraph) tags, so you don't have to
add those explicitly.

for source, see address@hidden archive, or check out dir:

i'll leave 0.81 running for a bit -- feel free to add significant
guile-related content; data will be preserved on any future upgrade.


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