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g-wrap 1.1.12 is released

From: Rob Browning
Subject: g-wrap 1.1.12 is released
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2001 18:43:25 -0500
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You can get it from

Note that this release is still mostly useful for those wanting to
build gnucash.  While it's perfectly feasible for other uses, the
documentation is still in a half-finished state.  My apologies...

Please send any bug reports to me for now.

>From NEWS:

Version 1.1.12

 - g-wrap has been rewritten to drop support for earlier Guile
   version's "automagic loading a shared library as a module".  When
   asked to generate a Guile module for a given g-wrap module, g-wrap
   will generate a plain Scheme file that will export all of the
   g-wrapped symbols and load the required g-wrap shared library to
   provide the wrapped function bindings.  This should work across
   guile 1.3.4, guile 1.4, and the forthcoming guile 1.6.  Note that
   the Scheme file must be found in an appropriate place via the
   %load-path just like any other guile module, and the directory
   containing the g-wrap shared library representing the wrapped code
   must be somewhere in LD_LIBRARY_PATH (for Guile 1.3.4), and

 - Support has been added for a pre-c-lib-scmcodegen for both g-wrap
   modules and types.  If registered, the code generated will be
   inserted into the Scheme file generated (if any) for the Guile
   module representing the g-wrapped code.

 - g-wrap has now dropped official support for Guile versions earlier
   than 1.3.4.

Note to gnucash people: I'm about to commit patches to the gnucash
development tree that will require this version, but until I do that,
don't install this version or you won't be able to build gnucash.


Rob Browning
rlb,, and
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