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Re: Guile thread safety.

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: Guile thread safety.
Date: 06 Oct 2001 21:30:26 +0100
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>>>>> "Kai-Peter" == Kai-Peter G Backman <address@hidden> writes:

    Kai-Peter>  The ideal solution would be one where all threads
    Kai-Peter> could use gh_ and scm_ interfaces and I could handle
    Kai-Peter> application level concurrency when needed.  The next
    Kai-Peter> best solution would have calls like
    Kai-Peter> "guile_threads_enter" and "guile_threads_leave" to
    Kai-Peter> guard access to the scheme environment.

    Kai-Peter>  Will my ideal solution be realised in 1.6? If not, how
    Kai-Peter> do I create that next best solution?

[Unless I'm quite mistaken about Guile's current threads support ...]

I'm afraid there's no chance of realizing your ideal solution in 1.6,
or even the next best solution.

Right now, I think we even have problems with the coexistence of coop
threads and pthreads, even when only one of the pthreads uses Guile.

My guess is that 1.8 will solve this coexistence problem and support
multiple pthreads using Guile by dispatching requests onto a queue,
but no further.  The issues involved in going beyond this are really


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