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announcing the initial release of guile-audiofile

From: Kyle Cronan
Subject: announcing the initial release of guile-audiofile
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2001 05:14:17 -0500 (CDT)

Hello all,

Announcing guile-audiofile, a compiled Guile module and wrapper for SGI's
audiofile library.  I'm making this available for any developers who
might be interested in manipulating audio files within guile scheme in
their programs.

This project might even become the first in a series of two or three such
projects aimed at increasing the audio capabilities of guile.  However,
this is my first attempt at a guile extension module, and so, particularly
for this initial release, I would greatly appreciate any feedback on the

Those who are interested in using the package or in working on further
development for guile and audio are encouraged to obtain the software from
the following website:

There is also a CVS tree available for access to the most recent version.
Details are on the website.

The package's info file provides a quick introduction to the
guile-audiofile interface, with example code.  Again, comments on the
implementation are welcome.  I'd particularly like to hear about the
compatability of my code with future and past versions of guile (I know
it doesn't work with versions 1.4 and earlier), as I'm not very familiar
with the specific changes currently taking place.

Kyle Cronan

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