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Guile and GNU TeXmacs

From: Joris van der Hoeven
Subject: Guile and GNU TeXmacs
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 02:48:02 +0200 (MET DST)


I use guile as an extension language for GNU TeXmacs with
full satisfaction for about one year and a half now.
However, in order to get things more robust and standard,
I would like some help on the following questions:

1. The module system is not very clear to me and
   I could not find a short description of how it works
   in the documentation, or elsewhere on the web.

   I am interested in two types of functionality:

   a) Defining a module, and telling what are the other
      modules which are required. I guess I see how to do this
      by looking at the source code. However, when exactly
      is a module loaded and what is the visibility/scope
      of functions inside that module.

   b) I want to be able to require routines from additional
      modules on demand. Typically, TeXmacs can be used as
      an interface to computer algebra systems.
      When starting such a system, I might want to load
      an additional module with routines relevant to
      that system. However, this module should not be loaded
      as long as the system is not needed.

2. I would like to provide documentation for the most
   important scheme functions provided by TeXmacs.
   I guess I should write this documentation in
   the texinfo format? Would it be possible to add
   such documentation to the main documentation of guile?
   Who would be in charge of doing this?

   In fact, the html code generated by texinfo can be
   rendered pretty well by TeXmacs. I would like to add
   a 'scheme' entry in the Help menu of TeXmacs,
   which would look at a suitable location on the web
   where the guile documentation is available online.
   Is there such a location (where the html docs
   are *exactly* those generated by texinfo;
   *no* unnecessary markup and adds)?

3. I would be interested in adding the Jacal system
   as a computer algebra system with an interface to TeXmacs.
   Is there someone who can tell me in a detailed way
   how to get Jacal installed and working in combination
   with Guile Scheme on a GNU/Linux (or other Unix) system?



Joris van der Hoeven (address@hidden) GNU TeXmacs scientific text editor personal homepage

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