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Re: [Fwd: how to raise a widget?]

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Re: [Fwd: how to raise a widget?]
Date: 19 Oct 2001 17:19:13 +0100
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>>>>> "David" == David Pirotte <address@hidden> writes:

    David> Neil Jerram wrote:
    >>  So what did SCM_LIST0 used to mean pre-1.7.0?  (I don't
    >> remember, and I don't have a copy of gdk-glue.c handy.)  Can't
    >> you guess from the context in which it's being used, and then
    >> just add in an appropriate #define?
    >> Neil

    David> I just added #define SCM_LIST0 SCM_EOL in gdk-glue.h but
    David> then many other problems, I doudbt anything is really
    David> possible until someone in charge produce a guile-gtk that
    David> can compile with a recent guile-core

    David> thanks david

    David>      hope we can rapidely have a guile-gtk that compiles
    David> with a recent guile-core

OK, sorry that my idea didn't work.  Does it work at all with 1.5.4?


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