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Re: Using a C pointer in Guile

From: Robert A. Uhl
Subject: Re: Using a C pointer in Guile
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 14:45:41 -0600
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On Wed, Oct 24, 2001 at 11:21:40AM -0500, Brian McAndrews wrote:
> How about a mapping between C structs and Scheme that can be defined a
> runtime?

This is probably possible.  It would, unfortunately, be more than a
little hairy--and you'd still need to define wrappers for the
functions you'd be using.  My own feeling is that it's best to use
opaque data structures and have fuctions to manipulate them anyway,
within C.  Remember that functions can be inlined or even macro
defined, if you wish them to be...

But it may be useful--nothing stops you from writing it.  If folks can
use it, no doubt they will:-)  Good luck!

Robert Uhl <address@hidden>

All words have not a single meaning but a swarm of them, like bees
around a hive.  And like that swarm, changing its position
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with each use upon the tongue or the page.             --Maureen O'Brien

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