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Does guile have serious win32 ambition?

From: Marcel van der Boom
Subject: Does guile have serious win32 ambition?
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 10:55:08 +0200
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I would like to have a reliable libguile.dll to link to our applications which is at least as stable as the *nix versions of guile.

With some serious tampering it is possible to compile a libguile.dll with mingw and cygwin tools, but it's a far cry from stable, let alone complete.

I have a reasonable dll working with a 182Kb diff file patched into the 1.4 source tree.

The most part of these diffs are concerned with the defining of the way functions are imported and exported
e.g in __scm.h:

+# define GUILE_API __declspec (dllexport)
+#elif __GUILE_IMPORT__
+# define GUILE_API __declspec (dllimport)
+# define GUILE_API

and in all other h files most extern declarations are replaced by
GUILE_API extern ....

I must admit these patches are not my own, but I cannot remember where I got them. Credit to whoever did it...

These patches apparently did not make it into the sources for later versions.

Is there another way that the win32 dll making stuff was integrated into the sources or is there no real commitment to make things on the win32 platform somewhat easier.

What is the general policy for this? At the moment guile on win32 is not ready for production level applications and I really would like it to be. I'm willing to devote energy into a serious win32 effort, but need the rest of the developers to agree on this, so it will be part of the normal build process.

Any comments on this?

Marcel van der Boom
HS-Development BV
Kwartiersedijk 14B
Fijnaart, The Netherlands
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Fax. : 0168-468823
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