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From: thi
Subject: signatures
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 02:29:06 -0700

Guile 1.6 supports selection and renaming on module import.  These two
facilities along w/ the `process-use-modules' procedure are sufficient
to support "signatures", a generalization of the "export list" concept.
This article explains how to do this.

A signature in this context is a list of symbols whose bindings are
defined in the source (providing) module.  The export list is one such
signature; it is built using either `export' or `define-public' special

On import, the client (dependent) module can specify which symbols from
the providing module are to be visible, and additionally, can run a
procedure to manipulate those symbols (typically to systematically
rename them in order to preclude name clashes, hence the "renamer").

If we realize that a list of symbols can itself be bound to a symbol,
and that the renaming procedure can run arbitrary scheme code, we can
define a convention whereby the providing module exports only one
symbol, which is bound to an alist of signatures, and the client module
uses a cooperating renamer to effect binding import.  Because of its
role, we call the cooperating renamer procedure the "importer".

The name of the symbol that the providing module must bind to the alist
of signatures is actually irrelevant, since the importer (explained
below) is passed this name, anyway.  It is only important that it be the
only exported binding and that its value is a proper alist of signatures
with each element of the form:

        (SIGNATURE-NAME SYM-1 SYM-2 ...)

Regardless of its other duties, the importer is, first and foremost, a
renamer procedure, and so it must fulfill that role: it must accept a
symbol and return another one.  The symbol it accepts is the name of the
signatures alist, but the one it returns is unimportant.  With the
signature list, it chooses one (specified on closure creation), and
arranges for the import of the bindings specified by that signature's

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