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address@hidden: Bug data base has moved]

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: address@hidden: Bug data base has moved]
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2002 11:07:58 -0800

(see also under "workbook".  --ttn)

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  From: Marius Vollmer <address@hidden>
  Subject: Bug data base has moved
  Date: 01 Apr 2002 01:37:16 +0200
  To: Guile Development List <address@hidden>
  as you have probably snarfed from the recent discussions, the master
  copy of the bug data base has been moved from guile-core/BUGS to
  workbook/bugs/.  "workbook" is a new CVS module that collects the
  files from guile-core and elsewhere that are related to the Guile
  project as a whole.  Please do all your bug recording there, by
  following the comments in the workbook/bugs/README file and the
  existing examples.
  The plans are to publish this data base on the web, and do all kind of
  filtering and data mining with it.
  Guile-devel mailing list
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