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add printf.scm to ice-9?

From: Matthew R Wette
Subject: add printf.scm to ice-9?
Date: Sat, 06 Apr 2002 14:00:35 -0800

I have been heavily using guile for an application at here at work.
Guile seems to have everything I need except one item: printf.  Maybe
this is a candidate for a future addition?  [I am currently using the
printf.scm from slib, but the sprintf implementation there is a little
tough to work with as far as I can tell.]

Here is a short description of the application.  I am working on the
development of space-based interferometers.  The long range goal is
the search for earth-like planets orbiting distant stars.  These
interferometers use lots of laser metrology and actively controlled
mirrors.  [My job is to architect the closed-loop control system.]  We
have a program (MACOS) that generates a linear model for a single path
of a single light source.  I have written a program in guile (~3000
lines) that generates a linear optical model for multiple beams
traversing multiple paths through the optics.  I am able to parse
multiple specification files, run the MACOS program multiple times,
perform matrix-vector manipulations and automatically generate the
model in both MATLAB (for analysis) and C (for simulation).  My
prototype program to do all this was completed in less than a month.
People have been pretty impressed.

My thanks to the developers.  Guile is really coming along.
[The debugger has been a life saver.]


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