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Re: guile as extension language

From: Paul Emsley
Subject: Re: guile as extension language
Date: 07 Apr 2002 04:29:14 +0100

On Sun, 2002-04-07 at 00:47, Matthew R Wette wrote:
> Matthew R Wette writes ...
> > 
> > How is Guile intended to be used as an extension language?
> > 
> My interest here was in exploring the scope of work required to
> make a Guile extension for Dia (the gnome graphics app).

This is not a reply really, more of a me-too.

I have recently written a program in C/C++ using gtk [1] and now want to
type a script (say) (or commands) at the console/terminal.  I would like
this to be interpreted by guile but cannot see how since gtk has the
control passed completely to it using gtk_main().  

Is scm_init_guile() really the way to do it?  I got the impression that
it was not, if I wanted portability (and I do).

I initially thought that that guile + gtk (not guile-gtk) would be
common combination and tried to find examples to see how they did it,
but I could not.  Can you recommend anything?

I thought that converting to guile-gtk, but since I was using glade and
gtkglarea, I was a bit nervous about doing that.  Should I have been?



[1] actually it does some sort of molecular graphics, I wrote about
something like it a few months ago.

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