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Re: guile as extension language

From: Bill Schottstaedt
Subject: Re: guile as extension language
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 04:43:35 -0700

> Bill Schottstaedt has previously posted examples using both Motif and
> Gtk, and Ariel Rios has written a `GuileRepl' widget using Gtk.  All
> of these are examples of case 1 above.  I'd guess that Bill's example
> is available in the Snd source, and Ariel's in Gnome CVS.

Snd is available via:

It makes extensive use of Guile as an extension language, and has a
"listener" (a sort of shell-like text entry widget to accept and
edit scheme code).  I haven't had time recently to keep up with
Gtk changes, so I'd recommend trying the Motif version; there are
prebuilt images for Linux, Sun, and Mac OSX at ccrma-ftp.
The GUI extensions are based on xm.c (X/Xt/Xm) or xg.c (glib/gdk/gtk) --
there are examples in the documentation, and very extensive
examples in the scheme code included in the Snd tarball.
I think you can see screen shots of the Motif extensions in:

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