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MOP question

From: Eric E Moore
Subject: MOP question
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 00:38:44 +0100
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The Goops MOP for generic application is basically undocumented.  I
tried to figure it out looking at goops.scm, but am a little lost.
Specifically, I can't quite figure out how apply-method is supposed to
work.  Mostly, how (next-method) gets bound.  

It looks to me like it's supposed to be passed as an argument to the
body of the method, but nothing I can see does that.

On top of that, calling apply-method directly doesn't work
(complaining about as I would expect, the wrong number of args to the
method body):

(use-modules (oop goops))

(define-class <foo> ()

(define-class <bar> (<foo>)

(define-method (baz (foo <foo>)) foo)
(define-method (baz (foo <bar>)) foo)

(define l (compute-applicable-methods baz (list (make <bar>))))

(define m1 (car l))
(define m2 (cadr l))

; stolen from apply-methods

(define next (lambda (procs args)
                   (lambda new-args
                     (let ((a (if (null? new-args) args new-args)))
                       (if (null? procs)
                           (no-next-method gf a)
                           (apply-method gf procs next a))))))

(apply-method baz l next (list (make <bar>)))     

Eric E. Moore

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